Conversations With Hicunni

Episode 105. The #1 Mindset Hack

December 29, 2021 Hicunni Episode 105
Conversations With Hicunni
Episode 105. The #1 Mindset Hack
Show Notes

If you are listening to this podcast in 2021, this is something that you need to cling to for the new calendar switch:).

If by chance you are listening in another calendar year, this is a timely muse just for you.

Do you want to keep going through the same mindless motions every calendar year, or do you want to do something to shift your mindset into a new state of being?

Let's join together in meditation.
🎙️This episode: The #1 Mindset Hack.

This meditation will help you:

☑️Set positive intentions and daily reflections to create the life that you want.

☑️Create a safe space to face your shadows and keep you grounded.

☑️Feel more confident in your body by meditating on words of self-love and kindness.

So, grab your smoothie or cup of tea and join the conversation.

Let's Go!

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