Conversations With Hicunni

Episode 121. The Number One Way To Bring Good Vibes Your Way

April 20, 2022 Hicunni Episode 121
Conversations With Hicunni
Episode 121. The Number One Way To Bring Good Vibes Your Way
Show Notes

Can you still find the good even when everything is going wrong in your life? Why does it seem easier for some people to bounce back? Sometimes you are resistant. You just don’t want to. You want someone to feel what you feel. Or maybe it’s because it takes less work to do nothing.

There are things that you need to address.

There are fears you need to face.

There are still some things that you need to say but won’t. 

And things you don’t need to say but do.

You are a work in progress.  It takes work!

A masterpiece takes time to unfold into its true beauty.

Let’s bring some good vibes your way. How can you bring good vibes your way?

🎙️In this episode we are going to talk about The number one way to bring good vibes your way. 

So, grab your smoothie or cup of tea and join the conversation.


Let's Go!


It’s time to breathe. 

The benefits of this meditation helps you:

☑️Add more awareness that you get to choose what you allow and disallow in your life.

☑️Remember that every moment truly counts.

☑️Add calm and relaxation


Great news! I am now on the Insight Timer app.
You can listen to my first meditation that I created here: 






My training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction practices, Alternate Therapies, Certified mind body eating coaching/Eating psychology coaching & Mind Body Nutrition Coaching is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. The information and exercises provided before, during, and after this meditation, membership community, system, products, process, podcast, emails, one-site and virtual coaching sessions, workshops, programs, classes, podcasts, my website, social media, and products is intended for educational purposes only, not as medical advice. Always check with your health care provider, practitioner, or doctor before changing your diet, eating, rituals, or health/care program. Please discontinue this practice if you have unbearable pain. 


PS. Practice makes progress. You didn’t get to where you are overnight…so give yourself time to grow, heal, and evolve ok?

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